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Visiting the Dojo

Houston Aikikai currently meets inside Rig Dog Athletics on 400 sq. ft. of roll-out Fuji Mats (~22 tatami). The space is an unairconditioned steel building with two large roll up doors and fans.  We usually arrive 30 minutes prior to class to set up and dress out. 

Who may practice:

USAF yudansha - present yudansha book, no mat fee

USAF yukyusha - present USAF yukyusha card, no mat fee

Aikikai yudansha - present yudansha book

Aikikai yukyusha - case by case basis

New to Aikido students - may watch or practice

Once given approval to practice you must sign two liability waivers, one for Houston Aikikai and one for Rig Dog Athletics.

- Bring bottled water

- Bring zori (sandals) for movement between the gym area to the mat

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