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Unbroken Lineage

Lee Sensei Portait Color.jpg

Yamada Sensei

O Sensei Portrait

O Sensei

Morihei Ueshiba

T.K. Lee Sensei

T.K. Lee & Yamada early 60's

Yamada Sensei and T.K. Lee Sensei

New York Aikikai

T.K. Lee New York Aikikai 1965

T.K. Lee Sensei

Houston Aikikai is a traditional aikido dojo started by the students of T. K. Lee Sensei.

Houston Aikikai Patch
T.K. Lee Shihan &  Walla Sensei 2012

"Aikido is very precious.  Practice sincerely, because you may lose the opportunity at any time" - T. K. Lee Shihan

Aikido of Houston at Dallas Seminar 2012

Houston group photo with Yamada at Aikido of Dallas Kagami Biraki 2012

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